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Rain or Shine Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint is the leading elastomeric paint in the country today. We have the most comprehensive and relevant product portfolio to serve the needs of our customers. We have a wide variety of colours that you can choose from. Rain or Shine (ROS) is the future in paints as elastomeric paint serves as waterproofing and beautifies the surface at the same time.

It’s better than ordinary Latex Paint. Latex Paint serves only to improve the aesthetic value of an edifice but elastomeric paint provides protection to your homes and buildings against water penetration and harsh elements.

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    Rain or Shine Dirt Shield is a water-based waterproofing and dirt resisting paint for exterior concrete surfaces.

    It is resistant to ultra-violet light, dirt, dust and temperature variations.


    RAIN OR SHINE HYDRO LOCK is a super premium waterproof coating that can withstand both negative and positive pressure. It is durable and applicable where masnry meets water. It seals, protect, beautifies, and is perfect for the most demading conditions.



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